How to Use Singing Bowls

The uses of singing bowls vary, on how you use them and for the purpose that it is intended for shows their effectiveness. But the most common methods of the singing bowls is the healing of your body and mind. They are made from an alloy of metals. The singing bowls made from a particular metal are placed on the body part that requires healing and then they are struck. The resonance goes through the cells in your body to open up the specific chakra.  There are several ways that the singing bowls can be used, apart from the ailments and the treatments. The singing bowls can be used to charge up the objects or emotions. The sound is a very powerful medium of transferring energies, and the various metals that are used to make are powerful in different ways. The ancient Tibetan shamans are used to transfer powerful intentions. The sound is a powerful medium through which energies can be transferred, thoughts, wishes, and emotions are also transferred through the singing bowls.

It is believed that all you have to do is writing your wish on a piece of paper and then place it on the singing bowls at . Then it is believed that then wish is charged and then it can become a reality. Some of the practitioners will place a photograph of the person who is in need of healing inside the singing bowl, and when the singing bowl is struck, the reverberation charges up the photo for healing to take place. For this, a specific metal is used depending on the part of your body that is in need of healing.

If is the heart that requires healing for effective communication, and to remove the blocked energy, a copper singing bowl is normally used and using the same ways a photo of the sick person is placed inside the singing bowl; then a certain way is used to stick the singing bowl. Even if the sick person is not there the photo will be charged to heal the sick person. The energy from the copper singing bowls used will be sufficient to charge up the photograph for the healing. The best thing with the singing bowls is that no one can misuse this method. The blocked energy of any different chakra will benefit the person who is in need of healing. It is advised that these healing methods be left to the experts who have a better understanding of them, click here to get started!